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As president and director of JDA Associates, a print advertising agency, I was engaged in the business of illustration quite often.

Illustration and photographic images were used throughout many branding, advertising and point-of-purchase campaigns.  The process of developing an illustrative image was conceptual, and I was required to understand the product or story and know the market audience well.  It was exciting and creative to work as a team with my writers, art directors, and photographers.  I stepped in many times as needed to illustrate artwork, direct photography shoots and write and copy proof the “story.”

Clients include:   Best Foods CPC International, Brother International Corporation, Rollei Fototechnic/Division of Samsung Opto-Electronics, Sharp Electronics Corporation, Schick Shaving Products Group/Warner Lambert Co., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Prime Hospitality Corporation for AmeraSuites and Wellesley Inn & Suites, and others.

I am available for commissioned work.

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I have included these three illustrated teaching concepts as an example to demonstrate the initial development of a multi-media campaign.  The idea is to treat a serious message with humor but still have a lasting impact on the audience.  Using clips and film from old movies will (1) speak to the older generation and long-term smokers, yet (2) the message and humor is strong enough to reach a younger group as well.

The idea of old film clips with the same message repeating, ”There are no easy solutions, only intelligent choices,“ can offer a continuous fresh and energetic campaign.



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Snow Falling On A Dead Man

Snow Falling On A Dead Man

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