Swan Rattle



ENERGY:  Swan speaks of many wonders beyond the illusion. She accepts what the future will hold.  Her energy helps us break the illusion and surrender to the grace of the rhythm of the Universe, moving with equanimity between the dark and the light – one with all planes of consciousness.  On the earthly plane her embodiment is regal, refined, pure, and royal.  She mates for life and understands heart-to-heart connections.  Her water element symbolizes emotion and speaks of her sensitivity to love.  Using swan energy we find our inner mate and balance our gender – Yin Yang, left brain/right brain.  The true marriage is the merging of the masculine and feminine inside.  The ultimate benefit is wholeness within one body and ultimately we are more deeply connected in our relationships.  Swan awakens the true beauty and power of self in the dreamtime and in our earthly physical body.  She tells us to accept our ability to know what lies ahead  (intuition), to stop resisting self–transformation, to relax and go with the flow.

ART:  Swan gourd rattle is painted equally black and white.  This represents  (1) the dark and light side of the Universe and (2) the Yin Yang of our Being.  Used in healing, swan energy helps to release the primal life-changing power of beauty through transformation.

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