Black Bear Rattle




ENERGY:  Bear is the oldest recorded totem and is associated with the heartbeat of mother earth and lunar symbolism connected to the tides.  Bear enters the womb-cave to hibernate, to arouse the power of the unconscious.  The intuitive right brain is awakened in the dream state.  She is familiar with herbs and crystals that are found deep within the cave.  She is also a helpful ally for physical and inner-child healing.  She loves children.  When invoking bear medicine we ask for strength, protection and wisdom.

ART:  My black bear gourd rattle represents a cave, convex, dark and egg-shaped (the womb).  Crushed inlaid crystals symbolize the pathways to the unconsciousness.  The embedded shells are the gifts the tides bring.  There are five feather claws and authentic black bear fur.  The large bead at the tip of the rattle is bear’s nose.  The curved wooden gripper has a crystal, directing the shamanic healing vibration back to the cave into silence and the inner emotional body.

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